Monthly Bond Market and Rating Snapshot - October 2022 - Full Report

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Global Bond Markets          

Global bonds ended mixed in October. USTs, for example, remained under pressure amid rising expectation of a rate hike. In the UK, on the other hand, gilts recouped most of their previous month’s losses following the mini budget’s U-turn and the appointment of a new prime minister.

Malaysian Government Bond Market          

Trading was quiet in October and there was only lukewarm demand in all three bond auctions. Local govvies ended the month on a mixed note with yields ticking higher on the short end but compressing lower at the long end.

Malaysian Corporate Bond Market          

Notwithstanding the selloff in October, the monthly gross issuance was the highest YTD. Credit spreads widened as a result.

Foreign Holdings of Local Bonds          

Foreign investors, net sellers for the second consecutive month, trimmed their holdings to RM248.7 billion (September: RM254.9 billion) or 13.3% (September: 13.7%) of the total outstanding. Net foreign outflows accelerated to RM6.3 billion, compared with RM439.0 million in September.